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Posted on by Hayden Falzon

STAR CROSS comic | Character dossier | VECTOR

VECTOR Called Vector by her peers, her real name is Victoria Rael. She is a skilled pilot in the U.E.S.C.’s military where she serves as a co-pilot in the illustrious squadron, wing 1. She is feisty and almost always gloomy. Her attitude often gets her into trouble with her superiors but they know better than to court-martial her

Posted on by Hayden Falzon

STAR CROSS comic | Human Battleship Dossier

At the beginning of the Human/Leyh war in the Human Year (HY) 2237, container ships and other private vessels were quickly modified to be combat effective against the alien aggressors. These vessels were, in a word, ineffective against the hardened military of the Leyh. But they did buy time for humanities industries to come up with

Posted on by Hayden Falzon

LIFELESS_prototype DevLog #1

Hello, Hayden here. Today’s DevLog will introduce to you the visual novel  LIFELESS_prototype. [minti_button link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qffOYLyb8zU” size=”large” target=”_blank” lightbox=”false” color=”color-1″ icon=”fa-youtube”]Watch Teaser[/minti_button] The Visual Novel: The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Fallout and Destiny. I am not yet ready to reveal the nature of the protagonist¬†as