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How to create a 3D model of a smartphone (The smartway)!

by Hayden Falzon

In this blender tutorial we will be focusing on how to create a model of the popular smartphone the 'FalzonEdge', which may be errily similar to another lesser-known brand called Samsung.

The Smartphone is wonder of modern engineering and science. I still remeber a time when phones were such a cluncly little brick. (Although I am not old enough to rember the real bricks that my parents had to lug around!!!) As such there may come a time where you need to model it!

In the video below I will outline the steps that you will need to take to create this! So sit back and relax! Grab some popcorn too!

“Smartphones are definitely smarter than us to be able to keep us addicted to them.” 

Munia Khan.

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